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Belly Sugar Farms is both:

-a rural farm that hosts a seasonal produce stand with homemade treats


-an urban instructional organization

Oakland, California

Much of the San Francisco Bay Area in California is densely populated and the residents live very active lifestyles.

Farmers markets abound and farm to table eating is extremely popular.

Here, Belly Sugar Farms works with clients to create their own farm oasis, consulting and educating in how to grow produce for personal use.

The mission is to empower individuals and families to take more control over their food sources, and hopefully share some of their bounty with those less fortunate.

Jamestown, Tennessee

2400 miles away in middle Tennessee,

lives a handful of quiet, rural communities

and good country people.

It is here that a larger vision brews.

May of 2019 saw the very first step in that vision with a productive naturally grown

half acre of mostly heirloom summer crops.

In 2020 that vision expanded to include crop diversification, seed starting, a nursery license,

the construction of two hoop houses, and due to COVID- a six month season.


Belly Sugar Farms helped to grow the Fentress County Farmers' Market Association in Jamestown, and also joined the  East Tennessee Farmers Association for Retail Market (F.A.R.M) in Knoxville.

2021 is going to be an even bigger year.

Two much larger spaces will be planted, a property for long term investment is being purchased, a commercial kitchen is being built, and a permit for canning and selling products is on the horizon.

Dana and Myron, the Belly Sugar leaders,

aim to live a simple, sweet life.

Spending time outside immersed in nature and growing food, testing new recipes, cooking with love, creating community,

and sharing knowledge and skills. 

 Belly Sugar Farms- 

                     "git you some sugar!"







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