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Belly Sugar Bites

Fresh heirloom tomatoes? Can't wait.
Basil pesto? Obviously.
Kimchi pickles? Ne.
(That's yes in Korean.)
Zucchini crust pizza? Gotta use that stuff up.
Cheesecake in a jar with fruit sauce? Mmmmmm.

Burgundy okra? Let's try it!
Crunchy green beans? Great dog treat.
​Pico de gallo? ¡Claro que sí!
Cantaloupe agua fresca? Refreshing.
Double chocolate Mayan Chile cookies? Spicy!

Belly Sugar Farms grows seasonal, natural, organic, and delicious produce.
Sometimes we sell that produce whole,

uncut and as is.
Other times we get inspired to try new recipes and think outside the box.
Tomatoes in the winter? No way!

Maybe curried carrot soup and kale chips.
We support other small, local businesses.
We encourage education in the community.

​Come on by a Belly Sugar popup and...​
"git you some sugar!"

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