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Belly Sugar Gardens-


In 2016 Dana & Myron returned to California

and reworked the Belly Sugar model to better adapt to the more densely populated urban atmosphere of the Bay Area. 

We work with homeowners to design, build, install, and plant edible gardens in their own yards.

Our philosophy is a "slow release" model.

Our aim is to teach and inspire people with resources and hands on support so that they eventually have the confidence and knowledge to tend and expand their gardens on their own.

​Here are a few Belly Sugar Gardens...

Fisher Family Farm

The Fishers are a busy family of five that enjoys spending time outside gardening and exploring, as well as trying new recipes with fresh produce in the kitchen. After a long day they like to relax in their gorgeous newly refurbished backyard. They always look forward to the plethora of heirloom tomatoes produced every summer, and the broccolis, peas, and greens of winter.

Jane's Happy Place

Jane is so excited to get gardening. After downsizing from a larger home, she realized she had a great deal of outdoor potential. So, she worked hard to remove  old plants, and we got to building. She is looking forward to improving her diet and lifestyle by growing her own food. It has been amazing watching everything grow.

Bird's Paradise

Sandra Bird is a residential designer located in Marin County. She has recently moved the business location and we are working with her to create a beautiful view  and relaxing area for staff and clients, as well as a place to pick freshly grown produce for her Scandinavian and Italian recipes.

Roots Haven

Wanda is a New York City native replanting some roots in Oakland. She enjoys running, salsa dancing, and exploring. She is looking forward to gardening for fresh eats to fuel her active lifestyle and getting cozy with nature. She can’t wait to share her harvest with her fellow hardworking educators and the community.